less advice please

Dear coaches, social media experts, other advisors,

Could we do with less advise on the internet? I stumble upon… no:… trip over the lists, the do’s and don’ts.

I come across the same advice just about everywhere. It’s becoming incestuous. It’s getting boring. All those people who are not just taking advice, but are passing as if it was gospel.


The only place where i want to read advice is where it was invented. Or re-invented. Or questioned.

I don’t like people who have answers. Frankly, I don’t trust them. Because they seem to have stop looking. They have become a pinterest board. Nothing wrong with that, but be clear about it. And tell me where you found it, that brings me to the source.

For me the source are the people who question the answers. People who chase them. People who share their discoveries, while doing it.

Chris Brogan is one of them. Elja Daae is another.

Bloggen in het Engels. Ik wilde het één keer proberen. Ik houd het toch gewoon lekker op Nederlands.

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